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Please note revisions (April 2015) to the VSA Meet Handbook, Part 1 (Bylaws), Part 2 (Championship Meets), Article 202.5 Extended, and Part 7 (VSA Officers).

VSA State Championship Meet Handbook
  1. Governing Regulations of the Association pdf or MS Word
  2. Championship Meets pdf or MS Word
  3. Meet Director's Responsibilities pdf or MS Word
  4. Responsibilities of the League Running the State Meet pdf or MS Word
  5. VSA Responsibilities for the State Meet pdf or MS Word
  6. VSA Scholarship Information pdf or MS Word
  7. VSA Officers pdf or MS Word
VSA Bylaws
The Bylaws are contained in Section I of the VSA Meet Handbook (above) and can be viewed as a .pdf pdf or MS Word MS Word document.


VSA Meeting

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